Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vienna in the Rain

It has been rainy and cool in Vienna today, which reminds me of the last time I was here in the beginning of May.  My Mom and I were here, I was interviewing and she was touristing.  We have often traveled together and generally end up in hysterics.  May was no exception.  On the weekend I was free, so Mom and I head out to explore.  On Saturday we visited Salzburg and Salzkammergut, and escaped without any major antics.  Not so on Sunday.  I wanted to see The Kiss, having been a fan as a teenager, and so we planned for a trip to the Belvedere.  After a short UBahn ride, we got a bit lost from Karlsplatz, but found the museum before the rain set in.  Mom bought the tickets, and we embarked across the elegant garden toward the Upper Palace.  The scene was exquisite, this marvelous architecture rising out of a classically tasteful European landscape.  As we strolled, the rain began.  Sprinkles at first, but quickly progressing into a steady drizzle with occasional gusts of wind.
Many people in the garden were unprepared, but not us.  A traveler steeped in the unpredicted changes of mother nature, I had packed a trusty little pocket umbrella in my cute blue purse.  As I unceremoniously dug through the purse still suspended from my shoulder, Mom stopped me.
"Uh babe? You're losing your skirt."
Which sounded completely unlikely, as I was wearing a knee length black skirt with an elastic waist in size medium from New York and Co.  At this point in time, I was no medium.  I had had this skirt for some time, and seemingly it had grown to accommodate me over the many years.  So I was surprised that my mother would suggest something so unlikely, but as I shifted my gaze from purse to knee, I found that indeed, the skirt had migrated south.  Evidently the combination of control top panty hose and an elastic waisted skirt can become risque in the absence of a slip.  But of course by then, Mom and I were cracking up, at a level at which made it difficult to address the problem.  As you can imagine, two large American women standing in the rain in a fancy palace garden laughing uncontrollably while one's skirt is clearly falling off could in fact, draw a large amount of attention.  But the stares from museum goers seeking shelter from the storm only made us laugh harder. 
Now, in today's rain, no skirts have been lost, to my knowledge, no blowdryers needed to warm the post rain victim (another blog post for another time), nor WASPy American temper tantrums thrown in the honor of a good suit and lost electric power (again, a future post).  But I did smile remembering all these funny moments in the rain, and it made me think this entry was worth sharing as a part of the 2 Fat Girls on a Volcano series.  After all, it is classic for Mom and me:)

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