Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A belated Introduction...

Two Fat Girls on a Volcano:

Now please don’t take offense at my use of the word fat.  Mom and I aren’t exactly what you think of when you encounter the descriptor.  Actually, it’s an inside joke – one that we stole, as a matter of fact.  We were on a tour, and a travel mate’s granddaughter coined the phrase, in regard to herself, which was completely inaccurate but quite an amusing thing to say.  It was after a huge pasta dinner, and this petite little teenager sitting in her dining chair was quietly rocking herself and singing, “fat girl in a little chair.”  Mind you, this girl wasn’t Mary Kate Olsen, but she was of appropriate weight for her height, which is more than a lot of children or teenagers in our great country can say these days. 
In any case, the sing song phrase became our tune, and we applied it to everything, anytime we thought something was funny or needed a distraction.   I don’t want to give away any more of the ensuing hilarity, so I’m not going to reveal the story behind the volcano just yet. 
Stay tuned though, because my bull headed attitude combined with a little bit of travel curiosity and my mother’s horrible sense of direction weave many tales of two slightly robust American tourists crawling around Europe, often on some kind of crazy small budget and with little or no foreign language skills of which to speak.

Add the latest adventures of a couple of newlyweds traipsing through the continental  United States before moving across the pond to a country in which neither of us have any cultural or language background, and you've got a long list of funny stories.  And hopefully some sage travel tips, that we probably learned the hard way.  As my husband likes to say (frequently), "it's never boring!"

Thanks for joining in on our journey:)

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