Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tonight my husband tells me we are living like Italians.  I know for a fact he has never been to Italy, so I ask him, logically, "why?"
"Well," he tells me,"consider our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.  We have risotto fixin's, pizza, two kinds of tortellini as well as rotini, homemade marinara sauce, and lasagna."  Not to mention both red and white wine.
Seriously, the man has a point! He might even be right, just this one time:)  Now mind you, this list does not take into account the two types of Viennese sausage in our refrigerator, or the sauerkraut.  Also, we have a tin of croissants just waiting for final baking.  Lest I forget, it is also pertinent to report the eggs and bacon waiting for an opportune morning.  But when I consider the extra strong coffee he bought for me, I am again transported to Italy.
What to make of this?  Well, we are eating fabulously, and enjoying not only Viennese cuisine, but also Italian, French, and American...
Just wait til I take him to the heurigen and introduce him to proper Schweinbraten and Liptauer!  Some spinatstrudel...

You want to come visit us now, don"t you?!

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