Saturday, August 31, 2013

Burgers Under the Stars

Last night had a bit of Viennese magic.  We took the Strassenbahn from Hossplatz and caught the red line to Schwedenplatz, where we met up with Eva, my coworker with the dirt on a good burger joint. We headed down stairs to the river walk, strolling along the riverside past floating restaurants decorated with twinkly lights. As we came up to Meat Baby, Jon and I took in the outdoor bar/cafe right on the cobblestone riverwalk, with only an awing stretching out over the picnic tables and a small side stage that served as a multi color lighted DJ booth.  After a Hugo bar side, we were seated right next to the canal, which reflected the city lights back up at us. Above the water, patterns of colored neon lights swept across the Uniqa building like a kaleidoscope.  We sat next to a pair of Aussie fellows and as Eva and Jon chatted, I eavesdropped, enjoying the Down Under accent.
We purused the menu, which was very American, and Jon and I decided on sharing a cheeseburger and hangover fries and Eva had already known she was ordering the bacon cheeseburger and fries.  Jon and I both tried to order auf Deutsch, but the waitress replied in English I think to be nice.  We ordered another round of kleines biers and relaxed into the air of the night while we waited for our dinner.  A lovely haze of comfort settled over us as we just enjoyed the moment.  When our food came, Eva asked if the burger was up to our American standard.  I replied that it was pretty damn good, but I laughed when she told us it was because all the cooks working there were native Americans.  It had sounded like 'Native Americans,' and the two different nuances were a funny juxtaposition.
All in all, it was a lovely night in the Inner Stadt, even though the chili fries weren't quite on the money.  They even had French's Yellow Mustard and Heinz Ketchup:)

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