Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ok folks, my apologies for the recent, brief absence.  It turns out moving to another country to work in a foreign language can be really hard and take up a LOT of time.  But there is a potential silver lining to this particular cloud...
I have an opportunity to submit 2FatGirlsonaVolcano for publication as a travel memoir.  Now, I am not getting my hopes up.  But I do want to submit my best foot forward, so to speak.  So, please, please consider a few key problems my submission must address:

- what is unique about 2FatGirlsonaVolcano?  Why is is sale-able?
- am I qualified to offer it from an author perspective? How so?
- other than my mildly successful efforts at global social media dominance, what are some valid and lucrative means by which I could market 2FatGirls?

If you have any ideas for me on these questions, please contact me via Twitter: @jmrosser58, LinkedIn: Julie Rosser, Facebook: Julie Rosser, Google+: JM Welch, Pinterest: Julie Rosser, Instagram: jmrosser

Every little bit helps, and as I near 2000 page views, we can only hope and pray that my vision for 2FatGirls can be realized...

Thank you for  reading and responding!

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