Friday, October 25, 2013


Jon and I have finally managed to register for an InterNations Vienna Event!  We have been trying for almost three months, but these events always fill to capacity almost immediately.  Must be rather presitgious, I suppose. 
In any case, we will be attending the One Million Members event here in Vienna and I am already signed up to blog about it:)
You see, in an effort to increase my humble blogspot readership, I have become a guest blogger on the InterNations website.  In addition, InterNations has approved 2FatGirlsonaVolcano as one of their featured blogs!  You can check it out below, if you scroll down to their  badge of approval:)
I am very excited to be featured on InterNations, and I hope my fellow expats enjoy 2FatGirlsonaVolcano as well as Jon and my zany adventures abroad...

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