Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oeufs Evelyn

I shared this idea for a recipe with Jon and he made it for breakfast last weekend.  I wish we had taken pictures! But I promise to next time...
Anyway, I always thought if I woke up one morning and had turned into Lorelai Gilmore, and had a daughter, I would have named her Evelyn.  My grandmother's name.  But let's face it, I should probably not ever be given a child.  Luckily, my husband seems to share this sentiment, so instead we can name this lovely recipe 'Evelyn.'  Here's how it goes:

Butter croissant (1 per serving)
Eggs (1-2 per serving, depending on size)
Olive oil
Cheese of choice (we used Gouda)
Savory sausage or bacon (we used bacon wrapped Austrian sausages, sliced)

Slice and toast the croissants in the oven.  While they are toasting, scramble your eggs with the chives in a bit of olive oil.  Slice the sausages lengthwise and put them in the oven, too.  Slice the cheese.  As soon as the croissants are crusty, put the cheese slices on the croissant halves and pop back into the oven to melt the cheese a little.  Once the sausages are browned and crispy on the outside, put them on top of the cheese and take the croissants out of the oven.  Top with the eggs, then put the croissants back together.  Voila!
Serve with potato croquettes and mimosas:)

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