Friday, September 6, 2013

Candles on a Gerburstag Cake

Yesterday was my colleague's birthday, and so I learned "alles gut zum Geburtstag!"  Jon went out during the day, to the American Consulary for a notary, and so he agreed to pick up a nice plant as a birthday present.  Not gift, mind you, because in German 'gift' means poison.  He found a lovely flower plant and the storekeeper even wrapped it in paper since it was a birthday present.  My colleague had invited us for a party downtown after work and so we would take the plant then.
And so after much debating on the plan of meeting and arriving at the party venue, we set out to catch the Strßenbahn from Hoßplatz.  We transferred to the Ubahn and quickly arrived at Schwedenplatz, where we met the birthday girl and another colleague.  It was then reaching the twilight phase of evening, and the light was rosy and soft.  A trio of college aged boys leaned up against a wall across from the subway exit, playing guitars and covering the Beatles, as twinkly lights (one of my favorite things, as you already know) sparkled softly above us hung from a tree standing proudly over an outdoor cafe.
We handed off the plant, and walked around the corner to a large bar and restaurant, called Bermuda Brau.  As we went in, I must say it reminded me a little of Oliver St. John's Gogarty in Dublin, with stairs just across from the entrance and the restaurant on the upper level.  In the basement would be music and dancing later in the night, and the ground floor was graced by a large, prominent bar.
We headed upstairs (first floor here) and soon found our reserved table.  We ordered Radlers (yum!) and perused the menu, Jon and I trying to decipher what things we knew from those we couldn't even attempt a guess at.  Finally we went for the Wienerschnitzel, but pork, not veal (I don't eat veal), and the kartofeln salat.  Potato salad here is very different than in the States, but it is quite often absolutely delicious!  Ours last night was no exception, and I'm afraid it outshone the Wienerschnitzel.
After dinner I had an excellent cappucino, and we headed downstairs for another round.  Jon and I shared a kleines bier as we were in a hurry to get home to the dog, but the others had Aperol spritzers, which I think I will need to try one of these days.  If it is anywhere near as good as a Hugo, I'll be in for a treat...
All in all it was a nice evening, although I am really looking forward to taking Jon to the heurigen on the hill where we can watch the city lights come on:)  Plus they have fantastic spinat strudel!

It looks like 2FatGirlsonaVolcano may be featured on InterNations, for whom I also hope to guest blog in the upcoming future.  So don't be shy about commenting on my blog, feedback is (almost) always appreciated, as are pageviews and shares!  Schönes Wochenende.

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